I Think I'm Going Insane

Well, this is officially no longer a personal blog. Colorful art, digital art, abstract photography, abstract in general. Looks like an Art Appreciation blog I guess.

I have never stated that any of the art posted is a creation of mine. Feel free to add a source if you know it.


Today I went to the beach to try and illustrate some of my book. I wanted to use the materials and environment related to the story. It was quite difficult at first because of the wind and the materials were quite hard to manipulate but I eventually got the hang of it. I tried to used wet and fry sand to give different colours to the whale and I used more gravelly sand the give the effect of the narks and barnacles you would find on a whale. I think the colours and textures work really well with the image. I really like the way it came out but I still want to try some prints before I make any more plans to continue with this.

hey feminists if you wanna fuck with people tell them that future generations will call our era “herstory” instead of history¬†

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